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Hello!  Welcome to TIOGA TEXAS YEARBOOKS.  A special thank you to all classmates that graciously shared their personal yearbooks with us for this project.  There were some yearbooks we could not locate and some years where yearbooks were not published.  We have posted school pictures for those years when available.  Other years, like 1918, we included a "Tioga Public School Announcement" or other school information that classmates shared with us. 

Tioga was founded in 1881 when the crew of the Texas and Pacific Railroad used the water from the local well and named the site "Tioga", an Indian word said to mean "swift current".

The town was incorporated in 1896 after a local blacksmith discovered water from the local well had quickly healed his badly burnt hand.  The "Tioga Mineral Wells Company" was founded and drew hundreds of health seekers to Tioga.  It is reported that ten trainloads of visitors arrived daily for the health benefits in 1925. 

The Tioga Public School was started in 1905 and is still active at present.  The last senior class graduated in 1961 and Tioga ISD now has grades first through eight grades.

Tioga's favorite singing cowboy Gene Autry was born west of Tioga in 1907 and attended school at Tioga Public School.  It's reported that an unsuccessful attempt was made to change Tioga' name to "Autry Springs" in 1937.

You may also remember the Saturday afternoon matinees of Gene Autry at the local picture show in Tioga.  Twenty five cents would get you a dime admission ticket and five cents would buy your choice of a soda pop, candy bar, or popcorn.  A fun filled afternoon, as I remember it, for only a quarter.  Here's to "Back in the Saddle Again" at the old Tioga picture show.

1905 Picture of Tioga Public School 

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