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Photo Albums

Click below on the BLUE TIOGA TEXAS YEARBOOKS and you will be taken to the photo album gallery site where you can click on the yearbook you would like to view in a single picture, filmstrip, or slideshow format. 

In single format, click the arrows right or left for next or previous image.  If you prefer filmstrip or slideshow view, you can also choose that option.   You can also click the download option to save a single picture on your computer.    Full sceen is available at the top of the pictures.  F11 may also take you to a even larger picture and F11 to return to regular size screen.   

1961 yearbook is loaded as a PDF file and will function like any PDF file, scroll down to see all pages of the yearbook.
You will have to click on "1961 Bulldogs Yearbook" seperately to see this yearbook.

To view all available yearbooks, you can click on "Galleries"  at top left and see a thumpnail image of all yearbooks.  Additional yearbooks will be posted as available.  School group pictures are posted on the year that the pictures apply.   

ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO ALL CLASSMATES THAT HAVE LOANED THEIR PERSONAL YEARBOOKS FOR THIS PROJECT.  Also, if you have a yearbook that we have not yet posted and will loan it us, please contact Barbara or Janie.



Click here on "TIOGA TEXAS BULLDOG YEARBOOKS" and you will be taken to the photo album of the yearbooks that are currently available.

Note: 1961 Yearbooks is a pdf file and you will have to click on 1961 Yearbook listied above to view this yearbook.
Be sure and check the last pictures in a yearbook,  as this is where any available group pictures will be posted for that year. 

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